Step 6 – Room Selection Timeframes

Important please read:

All anticipated roommates must be present at Room Selection unless a proxy and proxy paperwork has been established.

What is a Proxy?

A Proxy is someone who will choose a room in your place if you cannot attend your scheduled Room Selection timeframe. Failure to have a completed Proxy Form when your group is called will result in you/your group being passed over, and may forfeit your position in the Selection Process.

*A student can identify a Res Life Staff member to act as their Proxy, i.e.  Director of Residence Life*

  • Access the Proxy Form → here

Room Selection Timeframes

  • Room Selection timeframes will be held Monday, March 25th – Friday, March 29th via Zoom between 9am-4pm
  • Your group will be emailed your Room Selection time, date , and Zoom link for your room selection window.
  • Proxy Forms need to be turned in to the Office of Residence Life Fels 301 or by 9 AM on the day of your Room Selection assigned timeframe
  • You are NOT to leave class for your room selection timeframe, you are to appoint a proxy to select for you in your absence.

Please note:

  • Failure for a group to be on time and/or present at Room Selection Lottery will result in the group being skipped.
  • Failure to have a completed Proxy Form during your Group’s timeframe will result in you/your group being passed over, and may forfeit your position in the Selection Process.

Room Selection Process

Students will select rooms in order of their Group Lottery Number. The students Group with the lowest Group Lottery Number will go first.

Reshuffling Process

Reshuffling happens when your Group is called and the type of room you wanted is no longer available.  If your Group remains intact, you may divide and pick a new space immediately. If you would like to add another person to your group, your new Group Priority will be re-considered, noting that seniority plays a role.

Choosing a Meal Plan

When you sign up for Housing for 2024-2025 you will also designate which Meal Plan you prefer for the academic year. You are able to change your Meal Plan option through the Residence Life Office up until the end of the add/drop period at the beginning of each semester. All residents are required to have a meal plan. ​If a meal plan is not chosen during Room Selection timeframes, then the default Platinum Plan will be assigned.

There are currently three Meal Plan Options:

• Option 1: PLATINUM Meal Plan (19 meals per week/$50 Bison Bucks/$50 Dining Dollars)
• Option 2: GOLD Meal Plan (10 meals per week/$100 Bison Bucks/$125 Dining Dollars)
• Option 3: SILVER Meal Plan (80 meals per semester/$250 Bison Bucks/$100 Dining Dollars)

*Option 3/Silver Plan is only available to residents of the Copper Beech Apartments.
*Nichols College reserves the right to alter/change meal plan offerings.