Step 5 – Lottery Numbers

Random Lottery Numbers & Group Lottery Numbers

The Residence Life Office will assign a Random Lottery Number to each person. Random Lottery Numbers are assigned using the Housing Software Program based on your Year Of Graduation (YOG). We will post the results of the Random Lottery Number assignment on the Housing Portal. The Random Lottery Number that is allocated to you is averaged with your roommate group to make your Group Lottery Number. The Group Lottery Number is the order that roommate groups choose their room.

  • Year of Graduation 2022 – Random Lottery Range will begin with 100
  • Year of Graduation 2023 – Random Lottery Range will begin with 1,000
  • Year of Graduation 2024 – Random Lottery Range will begin with 2,000

IMPORTANT: Please Read Below!

Commuter Lottery Points – Suspended for 2021-2022

Important note – commuter points have been suspended due to COVID for the 2021-2022 Room Selection Process.

If you are a current commuter or remote student requesting housing for 2021-2022, the Commuter Lottery Points of 1,000 (one thousand) ​will be ADDED to your random lottery number. (Example; Kermit D. Frog lived off campus in Fall 2018 and wants to live back on campus for Fall 2019. Kermit’s Random Lottery Number was 855, then the 1,000 Commuter Lottery Points are added to make his new Lottery Number 1,855).

Commuter points are scheduled to resume for the 2022-2023 Room Selection Process. 

Penalty Lottery Points

  • Conduct Sanctions:
    If you have received a conduct sanction that ADDS penalty lottery points to your Random Lottery Number.

    • Example:
      Amanda damaged property in her room and was sanctioned an additional 1,000 penalty lottery points. Amanda’s Random Lottery Number was 58, then the 1,000 penalty lottery points are added to make her new Lottery Number 1,058. AND/OR
  • Late Group Members:
    Will have 250 additional points ADDED on to your Group Lottery Number per late person/instance.

    • Example:
      Group Lottery Number is 212.25 and one group member registered after the deadline. The NEW Group Lottery Number with Penalty Lottery Points will be 462.25

3+1 | 4+1 | Graduate Students

3+1 and 4+1 Students will be included with the Class of 2021.

Graduate Students who are interested in housing for 2021-2022, please email Residence Life no later than Thursday, April 1st, 2021 at 4 PM. We have limited spaces reserved for Graduate students for 2021-2022.

If a graduate student is a Nichols College graduate assistant, they are unable to live in the same living space as our current undergraduate students. We have VERY LIMITED graduate assistant housing available. If a graduate student is interested in living on campus, please have the student email

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