What to Bring?

Suggested Items

  • Pillows, bed linens, blanket, mattress pad, towels
  • General Cleaning and Laundry Supplies
    • If you are placed in Shamie Hall you will need bathroom cleaning supplies, as well as supply your own toilet paper
    • Laundry Services are free; however, you need to provide your own laundry soap, dryer sheets, etc.
  • Clothes Hangers
  • Alarm Clock
  • Power Strips with Surge Protector
  • Cable Wire (coaxial)
    • Cable Splitter-while there is only one cable port in the room, you may have more than one TV per room
  • School Supplies
  • Renters Insurance
  • Personal Safe
  • Personal Items (prescription medications, iPad, posters, photos)
  • Cell Phone (rooms do not come with individual phone lines)

Items to Coordinate with Your Roommate

  • Television, stereo equipment
  • Limit of two fridges per room with a maximum of 6.0 cu.ft. combined
  • Small Microwave (800 watts or less)
  • Area rug/bathroom rug
  • Extra furniture (chair, futon, etc.)
  • Fan
  • Extra storage

*Please keep in mind we discourage roommates from splitting the cost of big items* (fridge, microwave, printers, etc.)

Items Not Permitted

  • Pets, except fish in no greater than a 10 gallon tank
  • Halogen lamps
  • Candles and incense
  • Space heater, air conditioners, ceiling fan
  • Any cooking element with an exposed coil (hot plates, toaster oven, etc.)
  • Any items outlined in the Student Code of Conduct