Step 4 – The Housing Application

The Online Housing Application tells the Residence Life Office who is in your roommate group and notes your wish to enter the Room Selection / Lottery Process. You (and your group) are responsible for showing up to Room Selection / Lottery Night.

This online application will be available from the Nichols College Portal beginning on November 4, 2019 and must be completed by 4pm, February 24, 2019. Use the step by step guide located below.

Please note that we will use the following process to determine your Final Group Number:

  1. Year Of Graduation (YOG): The Registrar’s Office makes the official determination of your Year Of Graduation. If you are unsure of your Year Of Graduation, please check with the Registrar’s Office.
  2. Residence Life staff will then use your YOG to determine your range for Random Lottery Number. This allows for students in different years to live together but maintain seniority based on individual YOG.

Study Abroad / Internship Students​​

Any student that is currently on an internship or studying abroad is welcome to participate in the Housing Lottery and is treated as a Resident student if their last semester they were a Resident, (example: resident in Fall 2019, currently studying aboard for Spring 2020). If someone currently on an internship or studying abroad lived off campus last semester they will enter Lottery as a Commuter*.

**A student can identify a Res. Life Staff member to act as their Proxy, i.e.  Director of Residence Life**

Proxy Form 2020-2021

Please note that students who are studying abroad or attending a non-local internship for Fall 2020 are not guaranteed to be placed in the same location they chose during room selection when they return to campus housing in Spring 2021. Students planning on Studying Abroad or attending a non-local internship can work with ResLife before leaving to help coordinate an exchange with a student departing the following semester if available.

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